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Help with Modules

What is a Module?

A module is a specially made add-on for Ripe Website Manager that adds functionality to Ripe's integrated system. For example, you may be subscribed to a Ripe Business Account and want to upgrade to Ripe Shop so you can begin selling online. Ripe Shop is one of the largest additional modules available and is only available in an upgrade but you may choose to select our Calendar module or our Count Down module for example - easily selected and paid for from your admin control panel.

How do I install one?

To choose and install a module first you will need to log into your admin panel for your website. Here you can click the modules link and then select the "Get more modules" tab. Now you will be shown a list of currently available modules. If you find one that you want to add to your website click the install link for that module. Depending upon the module you have selected to install you may have to pay a fee before the module installs.
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