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Help with the support tickets module

What does it do

It opens a support ticket which starts a conversation to resolve any issues you are having.

How to use it

Using the support tickets is easy. Log into your admin panel and enter the accounts tab. Just below you will see a menu bar with the support tickets link. Click support tickets and you will be shown a list of your available support tickets. Chances are this will be empty at this stage.

To send us a ticket just click on the new button. Now you will see a text editor where you can describe your problem. Send the message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You will be notified when we reply. Then to read our reply you have to return to the support tickets page. You will see the ticket you created earlier in your list. Click the blue magnifying glass icon to view that ticket. We may need extra information from you in which case you can send another message. When the issue has been resolved we will close the ticket and you will no longer be able to reply.

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