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Help with the articles module

What does it do

The articles module turns a page into a news / blog page.

How to use it

  1. Create or edit a page
  2. Under page type select articles from the drop down box.
  3. Save the page.
  4. Find that page listed in your pages table and click the word "Articles" under the "type" column.
  5. Now you can create a new article.
You can have multiple article pages.

Article preferences

When editing an article page you will see a tab called Article preferences. When in the article preferences tab you will see the following options. This section will explain each of those options.

Template :
This is the template used for the full article pages. Full article pages is not the article summary page but the page shown after you have clicked an article on the article summary page.

Article summary no :
Decides the number of articles listed on the article summary page.

Article summary word count :
Will truncate the article to the amount of words set. This will only be used if the article summary line break is deleted.

Summary page display  :
This setting decides where the articles are displayed on your page. You can replace the original page content or have the articles show at the beginning or end.

Show author :
Do you want to display the author of the articles creator.

Show date created :
Do you want to display the date of when the articles was created.

Show number of comments :
Do you want to display the no of comments posted for each article.

Auto featured number :
This will feature the latest X number of articles created. A featured article can be styled differently depending upon the template you have installed.

Video Tutorial

View our articles module video tutorial.

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