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A list of available Ripe tags

Ripe tags are used in our templating system. When designing your template you have the opportunity to use a range of our ripe tags. All ripe tags are wrapped in curley braces like so. {ripe_tag}
Below is the list of available ripe tags.

SITE_NAMEName of the website
DESCRIPTIONPage description
SITE_SLOGANWebsite slogan
FRONT_PAGEIs this the front page. A 1 or 0
TITLEPage title
HEADPut this in the head section of your template design. Some modules need to add extra code into the head section
CONTENTThe page content
MENUMain navigation menu
MENU_EXTMain navigation menu and sub menu of the current page
MENU_ALLMain menu and all its sub menus
SUBMENUThe submenu of the current page
SUBMENU_EXTThe submenu of the current page and the next level submenu if on that page
SUBMENU_ALLThe sub men of the current page with all sub menus below it
SUBMENU2Displays menu using the sub menu as the trunk
SUBMENU2_EXTDisplays menu using the sub menu as the trunk. Extended with the submenu of the page we are on.
SUBMENU2_ALLDisplays menu using the sub menu as the trunk showing all deeper submenus
LAST_UPDATELast update to this page
JSVALSPasses variables over to javascript
WEBSITE_DOMAINThe website domain
LEVELThe folder level to the root. Eg. ../
TMPL_PATHPath to the templates folder
FILES_PATHPath to the files folder
CURRENT_URLThe current page URL
PThe page ID
USR_IDThe users ID
USRThe users name

Using if statements in your template

Designers also have the ability to use if statements in their template designs. By using an if statement you can do things like make the template look different if the visitor is on the front page.

If statements can include ripe tags to use for the conditions but these ripe tags will need to be wrapped in $ signs instead of the curly braces.

Below are some examples of if statements which can be used in ripe.

{IF $FRONT_PAGE$}Hello front page{/IF}
This will output the words "hello front page" only if the visitor is on the front page.

{IF $FRONT_PAGE$}Hello front page{ELSE}Not front page{/IF}
This will output the words "hello front page" only if the visitor is on the front page and "Not front page" otherwise.

{IF $FRONT_PAGE$ == 1 AND $USR_ID$ > 0}Welcome to the website {USR}{/IF}
This if statement has two conditions and makes use of a ripe tag inside. If the visitor is logged in and on the frontpage then they will see the welcome message with their own name included.

{IF '$TITLE$' == 'My page title'}Example using string conditions{/IF}
This will output some text only if the page title is "My page title". Noticed the conditions are strings so they need to be wrapped inside quotation marks.

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