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Canary Wharf is at the heart of London's financial district and the whole area is maintained by an experienced management team based on-site, in offices adjacent to Canada Square.

For visitors, negotiating the districts within Canary Wharf and finding the way around can be daunting, hence the decision to provide electronic touch-screen wayfinding 'pods' in key areas for public use.

As you would expect from an exclusive area such as Canary Wharf, the management wanted to provide more than the basic 'push button', bland interface that blights many touch screen terminals and our services were called upon to present the public information in as creative and interesting way as possible.

Using Apple's iphone as inspiration, we combined our own Ripe Website Managers powerful 'engine' and built a series of actions - scrolls, fold-overs and enertia rolls that really made using the two large trial 42" touch screens simple yet fun. We made excellent use of Adobes 'Air' software.

The trial pod is situated in the centre of Canary Wharf, adjacent to the DLR and is currently proving popular and effective. When the system is expanded, we hope to include web access as we have at the Early Port Arrivals services installation (Stop 24), the Channel Tunnell's closest motorway Services on the M11.

(Pic above left: Locking up the 'pod' following our software installation)