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Ripe Website Manager is already a top flight content management system (CMS), our motivation being to create a multi-function platform with extremely user friendly controls but...

...How many CMS platforms can offer their very own integrated e-shop?..

Not only that, but an e-shop with as much built-in functionality as many expensive independent software packages!

Normally, one would expect to buy a CMS and attach a separate e-shop but that means having to use a separate admin to administer both modules... which in turn means the user will have to familiarise themselves with different operating procedures etc..

With Ripe e-shop, the admin is accessed through the main CMS admin panel and the look, feel and operation of the shop module is identical to the CMS, making administration a more familiar and simple task.

For a working example of e-shop please click here. Please note this is a live site and whilst potential customers are welcome you should not place any orders unless you wish to make a purchase.