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"Stop 24" is the motorway services built a few miles away from the Channel Tunnel terminal on the M11. It is an Early Port Arrivals services and can become incredibly busy at peak times...

The services were completed just a couple of years ago and the owners wanted to make the most of technology and the opportunity of being the last stop before leaving the UK - and the first services for UK arrivals.

Two double sided pods were installed inside the main concourse, each with two huge plazma screens above them. Each pod had two 42" touchscreens on which the centre wanted to display a range of information, from tourist spots to competitions - even a live mapped 'radar' showing real-time postions of all the cross channel ferries!

We installed our powerful Ripe Website Manager system to handle the data and using Adobe's Air software, we built stunning interactive graphics/controls that allowed the screens to reach their potential.

The pods were also linked up to broadband, enabling us to run limited web access (google maps etc), but importantly, for us to install remote control software that enables us to update each pod individually with new competitions and/or any other information we are requested to display.